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Welcome to the Arabic learning website!

Videos in Arabic with translations

In this section you will be able to watch films in Arabic, music videos and TV programs with translation into English, as well as video tutorials for those who are still learning the language and mastered it at an average level.

Interactive courses with online tests

Video courses are accompanied by interactive quizzes for each lesson and control tests for the individual sections. Lessons and topics are arranged according to the principle of ‘fom simple to complicated’, so you need to follow the sequence in the passage of the lessons and assignments.

Dialogs with diacritic marks and audio.

This section contains the dialogues in Arabic with diacritic marks in texts and an audio feedback of each phrase. This section will be useful for those who already know how to read, but would like to improve their reading skills, vocabulary and phraseology to accumulate the stock.

Cataloge of books and additions

In the catalogue you can find a variety of teaching aids in electronic format and download them to your computer for further study. Tutorials, programs and other materials chosen by the author the site in view of the simplicity of their perception by the learner and the quality of content.

Community of Po-Arabski.Ru

Please, register and create your own page on the website. This will give you the opportunity to communicate with the other members of Po-Arabski.Ru, to exchange information, share their experiences and learn about the experiences of other people studying the Arabic language, as well as add their own articles.

Видеокурс по грамматике

35-часовой видеокурс рассчитан на 3 месяца изучения. После прохождения курса вы овладеете грамматической базой арабского языка, сможете образовывать новые слова, спрягать глаголы, преобразовывать существительные, наречия и другие части речи, а также правильно строить предложения и читать тексты без огласовок.

Подпишитесь и узнавайте о новых уроках и функциях сайта первыми!

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Распространение арабского языка в мире

Map predominant Muslim settlement, using the Arabic language to a greater or lesser extent.

Why Arabic learning is a hot topic?

The Arab countries occupy a vast area (13.8 million km2), extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the West to the Indian Ocean in the East, from Turkey in the north to tropical Africa in the South; their population — more than 300 million people.

Arabic is one of the six working languages of the United Nations Oragnization.

In addition, the classical Arabic — a language of the Qur’an and most of the Muslim prayers, but when you consider that the total number of people who practice Islam according to various sources is estimated between 1.5 and 1.77 billion people, representing 23% of the population. Thus the total number of people using the Arabic language can be up to 2 billion people.

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